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It Might Be Illegal

On Friday, when the parent of 7-Eleven completed its mega-acquisition in the US, the local antitrust watchdog soon jumped out and said it may violate the anti-competitive law.


The Worst In 7 Years

The conflict between Israeli and Palestinian is now the worst in 7 years. Thousands of rockets have been fired to Israel by Palestinian, while Israel responded with airstrikes. (As you can see in the picture above 👆…)


Did You Mean It, Musk?

After the “hustle” joke which sent Dogecoin price plummeting, Elon Musk suddenly made a U-turn against Bitcoin: He announced on Twitter that Tesla is suspending purchases using Bitcoin on environmental concerns.


No Luck for Alibaba

Alibaba was hit hard! The e-commerce giant just posted its first-ever quarterly loss since listing – sizing USD 0.85 bln, due to the record antitrust fine. No luck…


Volvo’s To-do List This Year

Volvo’s to-do list this year is on the table: it will go public at its home Sweden on the Nasdaq Stockholm and abandon the merger plan with China’s Geely Auto.


The “Scary” Inflation Comes

The market had been waiting for this data, and the reality is worse than expected – the US consumer prices climbed in April by the most since 2009, topping forecasts.


The Golden Goose is Back

One year ago, investors teased Softbank as a hen laying “rotten eggs” after seeing its worst annual loss. One year later, the golden goose is back with real “golden eggs” – Softbank becomes the third most profitable company globally… time to pop the Champagne! 🍾


Just Feel Panic

Panic is spreading across the Taiwan stock market yesterday: local index slumped 9% at the open, making it the worst-performing market yesterday.


Korea’s Hottest IPO is Just… Hot!

South Korea’s latest IPO – SK IET – is a record-breaking one, with hottest demand, hottest investors, hottest price… It’s just hot! 🔥


Victoria’s Secret said Yay

It has been one year since the sale of Victoria’s Secret fell apart, here’s what will happen next: Instead of being sold, Victoria’s Secret will become listed separately.


It Really Hurts

If you are holding a big chunk of tech stocks, it hurts when you look at your performance monitor. Because a worldwide slump in technology stocks is deepening under big pressure from inflation.


JP Morgan is Sued

JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, and more than 20 individuals are sued by Malaysia’s 1MDB, in an effort to settle the 1MDB scandal.


Iron Ore Is Running Hot

Commodities are definitely investors’ focus recently. From oil, copper to corn… this time, it’s iron ore (it looks like this 👆) – its prices jumped more than 10% in Asia trading on Monday.


Track Your Data, or Not?

If you are an iPhone user and have upgraded your phone to the latest iOS 14.5, you should have noticed the little popup asking for your permission to track your data. How many users actually clicked “No”?


The Bad News Wasn’t that Bad

The US job data last Friday surprised all of us. It marked the biggest miss on record – only 266,000 jobs were created in April, well below economist forecasts for about a mln. Big disappointment, but the investors were happy, or somewhat relieved.



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