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It’s Driving Season!

What did you do during the Memorial Day weekend? Went for a drive? 🚗 The US driving season and UK’s rebounding traffic are helping the oil prices to advance from the highest since 2018. 📈 And there’s more behind.


The Most Important Policy Document

Right before the start of your holiday, will you be too excited to focus on other things? White House chose the release time “smartly” based on this:

Before a three-day weekend, it released what is arguably the most important policy document of the year for US at the start of a congressional recess, when it is likely to receive little attention. In this doc, Biden unveiled a budget that would increase federal spending to USD 6 tln in the coming fiscal year – levels not seen since World War II.


Another Stock Gained 1,000%+

The meme stock frenzy is back! It’s AMC’s turn now – it gained 35% last Friday, 190% last month, and more than 1,300% year to date… also heading to the moon?


All Abroad

While we are away during the Memorial Day weekend, US just had a travel boom during this holiday. Here are some quick + interesting numbers that we shouldn’t miss.


HSBC Said: Bye America

After 40 years of trying, HSBC finally realized that its US retail banking business sucks. Here’s its final plan: sell, exit, and fly back to Asia.


Recovery Is Chugging

Remember when you anxiously wait for the release of your semester grades? Investors had been doing the same thing – waiting for the release of US’s economic transcript. Fortunately, the result turned out pretty good overnight.


Oil Should Go Greener

Shell and Exxon Mobil, two of the largest oil giants, probably didn’t sleep well overnight 🤯 They both lost landmark cases regarding climate yesterday… see how climate is reshaping the investment world!


WhatsApp vs. India Government: A Privacy War

Another privacy war is ongoing in India: WhatsApp sued the Indian Government, demanding the court to rule the Government’s new internet regulations unconstitutional.


Change In Fed’s Leader Group?

It seems that we have gotten used to saying “Fed’s Chairman Powell” without realizing that this leadership group may change… as Chair Powell and vice chairs Clarida and Quarles could all potentially be replaced in the coming year when their tenure expires.


No Cold Calls, Please

Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch wealth management is doing something transformative: It just banned its trainee brokers from making any cold calls.📵


Ray Dalio: Bitcoin > Bonds

It’s another busy day for Bitcoin – with comments from Ray Dalio and market-moving tweets from the technoking.


Gaming with Netflix

Are you a fan of Netflix’s Stranger Things 3: The Game or its interactive film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch? If yes, this is for you – Netflix is planning to step into video games now.


A Deep Breath Now Works

We are one step closer to international travel! Yesterday, Singapore provisionally approved a new Covid test that could detect infections within 1 minute… just a deep breath will work. 😮‍💨



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