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Behind the 40% jump

On Monday, Biogen’s new drug won approval from the US drug regulator, pushing its stock 40% higher, Nasdaq 0.5% higher… and bringing new hope to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.


News sites were down

When we opened news websites 14 hours ago, we found something horrible – major news sites were all down…from Bloomberg, FT to NYT. Websites of Reddit and even UK government were also inaccessible. 😱


Apple to go Zoom

It’s Apple time! The tech giant concluded its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) on Monday, with a series of exciting updates. 🍎

If you’re expecting a new phone/laptop, this may disappoint you as the WWDC primarily focuses on software updates.


Google got fined and said fine

Bonjour. The French antitrust watchdog just gave Google a huge fine for abusing its online advertising dominance, and Google just said “fine” without fighting back… It could be a big deal for other big tech and other countries.


Test the waters?

Is the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes scary for investors? Treasury Secretary, also the former US Fed chairman, Janet Yellen is trying to make it less “scary” – saying that it could be a “plus”.


Hong Kong’s IPO market is frozen

Seems that there are fewer HK IPO stories than before in Morning Wrap? Arr… that’s not our fault – because Hong Kong’s IPO market is almost at its slowest pace since the 2008 financial crisis, per Bloomberg data.


Let’s squeeze more from big MNCs

Following Biden’s proposal of a global minimum corporate tax, the G7 group reached a historic deal to revamp the taxation for the digital era – taxing multinationals such as Google and Facebook at a rate of at least 15%.


Etsy finally goes younger

This is something new for e-commerce: the American vintage gift marketplace Etsy just bought the UK-based resale platform Depop… to go younger.


A Free Popcorn May Work

The meme stock AMC has gone crazy. Following our previous story, it jumped 95% on Tuesday.

us-china relation

Biden: Let’s change Trump’s policy

Still remember that US’s securities ban on Xiaomi (imposed by Trump) was formally lifted in May after a lawsuit? Here’s more – Biden amended Trump’s China blacklist just hours ago, blocking 59 Chinese companies.

How about Dinner at Tesla?

Not a typo here, it’s truly the Tesla that jumps into your mind… They are stepping into restaurants and pop-up dinings now.


A new Windows is coming

It has been 6 years since the release of the current generation Windows 10 and… Microsoft finally thinks it’s time for an update. Did you guys forget about it? 🧐


Not enough beef?

Cyberattack has been impacting our lives… impacting hospitals in Jan., the gas line in May, and the beef supply this time.


Android’s New Big Competitor

What if our mobile phone can be connected to everything? That’s the concept of Huawei’s latest mobile system HarmonyOS, launched last night… Android has a new big challenger now 😮



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