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Give up Vaccine Patents?

Global healthcare industry is going through an earthquake, as the US Government suddenly announced its intention to give up its Covid vaccine patent protection.


Walk A Fine Line

London is hosting the G-7 foreign ministers meeting in person…and they invented a fun and safe way of greeting 👆 (maybe we can use the same method in the future? 🤣) In this meeting, US proposed a G-7 coordination to counter China. And China later fought back.


A Fish War

Brexit dispute is still here. There is almost a war between UK and France this week – it’s all about fish 🐟 around Jersey. French fishermen are getting angry…


Shall He be Banned from Facebook Going Forward?

I think many of you should know whom I am talking about. On Wednesday, Facebook’s oversight board finally announced its decision over the suspension of former US President Donald Trump: uphold the ban 🚫. But Trump may have foreseen that, so he established another one himself.


General Motors is Alright

General Motors did pretty well in the past quarter. It’s also confident of its outlook and didn’t change its full-year profit goal despite a worsening global chip shortage.


It Doesn’t Like IPO

Squarespace made this final – it will go public on NYSE through a direct listing with a valuation > USD 10 bln. Another debut pop? 🚀


Another “Super Cycle”?

The boom time is back for oil and miners. From oil, lumber, corns to industrial metals such as copper and iron ore…demand is booming with no signs of slowing now. Their prices also jumped to new highs – Bloomberg Commodity Spot Index hit the highest since Sep 2012.


How about an Electric Taxi/Uber?

Electric cars are everywhere. Yesterday, Uber announced to team up with British EV maker Arrival to develop electric taxis.


Europe’s Largest IPO Halted

Swedish fintech firm Trustly could have been one of the largest European IPOs this year – if the regulator didn’t step in.


Facebook + Spotify = Miniplayer

Feeling annoyed switching back and forth between Facebook and Spotify? Facebook got your feedback, so they are teaming up with Spotify.


It May Not Be My Own Fault

This is a week of factories. The US and Europe started to release data showing how well their manufacturing sectors recovered. Let’s take a quick look


Can’t Make to the Moon

SpaceX’s moon contract was paused by NASA after receiving a complaint from rival Jeff Bezos’. The technoking is fighting back on Twitter now (as you can see above)…


Warren Buffett Said Sorry

Showtime again! It’s Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting presented by Warren Buffett, his business partner Charlie Munger, and their beloved Coca-Cola 🥤 (Yea they often drink coke here as a large shareholder).


You Broke the Competition Rule

Despite a blowout quarter, Apple was hit by the EU regulators on April 30. The regulators formally charged Apple with breaking the antitrust law for the first time – in the Spotify case.



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