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PUBG is going public

South Korea is expecting its largest go-public in history… from Krafton.


Big 4 cannot be big

We all know the Big 4 accounting firms – PwC, EY, Deloitte and KPMG… they are large, they are important. So Bojo may need a better plan to rein in them.


Warning! Bubble trouble is coming

As we may or may not notice, the global housing markets are flashing the kind of warnings that have been seen before the 2008 financial crisis. 🏠


Shake hands, we’re still friends

This is a historic moment. After fighting for 17 years, EU and US struck a deal to end the trade disputes over Boeing-Airbus. 👏


What did they talk about when they met?

Biden has started his trip in Europe, from the G-7 summit to NATO. Normally, US presidents won’t travel to Europe and keep talking about China (per CNN) 😅, but it appears to be an exception this time – as he tried to convince his European allies to stand against China at NATO this time.


A new home for homecoming listing?

Following Hong Kong’s last year’s homecoming boom, overseas listed Southeast Asian companies are increasingly interested in a homecoming listing in a new home – Singapore.


Let’s unify again

The G-7 summit is back after two years, held on the southern English coast (with nice view btw 🌊). As the first meeting of major leaders after Trump’s turbulent 4 years, the meeting delivered the below key messages that we need to know:


One of the largest tech listings is ready

It’s a ride-hailing year! Following Southeast Asia’s Grab, the Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi just filed for a US listing… paving the way of becoming the largest tech IPO in the world this year.


Big tech, big curb

Big tech is facing big troubles. On Friday, a group of House lawmakers proposed a package of 5 bills to tackle the rising power of big tech… they could be forced to change their business ultimately. Here are the five. 🖐️


It’s time to resume talk

Both nations are slowly resuming talking to each other. Commerce ministers of both sides had their first call since Biden took office yesterday morning. Earlier on Wednesday, Biden revoked Trump orders that sought to ban WeChat and TikTok. But both sides may be stuck over another issue.


Bitcoin’s toughest rule

Bitcoin is really a hot topic these weeks. So it’s time for it to be regulated… as proposed by the Basel Committee overnight.


The fintech behind tech giants

Marqeta made a successful Nasdaq debut on Wednesday. Never heard of this name?… I am sure we are all familiar with some of its customers: Uber, Doordash, and JP Morgan.


The way to keep competitive

US’s answer to this question is: to increase its investment in tech. On Tuesday, the Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill to bolster US manufacturing and technology to compete with China. But on the other side, Biden’s hope of an infrastructure package remains stuck.


Is Google a tech company?

We have never doubted that, but the State of Ohio thinks it’s a “no”. In its latest lawsuit against Google, it instead claims that Google should be a utility company, joining gas, electricity, water suppliers…


London should be out

UK seems to step back from the global minimum tax deal when it comes to London’s status, calling for an exemption on the City of London.



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