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Your Package Is Finally Ready

The Senate just wrapped up a USD 2.3 tln worth Christmas gift for Americans – a giant spending bill including COVID-19 relief aid, government funding, and corporate tax breaks.


Big Tech Crackdown

Chinese government is coming after the country’s tech giants to curb their powers – this time, slamming fines on Alibaba and a Tencent subsidiary for antitrust violations. 


Broke Up With General Motors

Within 48 hours, the share price of Nikola dropped nearly 40%, after announcing that its promising deal with General Motors is not likely to close.


Big Oil, Big Writedown

Once the world’s most valuable company, the largest US oil producer ExxonMobil finally admitted its struggling situation.


US & EU: Friends Or Foe?

The relationship between US and EU is strained in the Trump era. But now the EU is extending an olive branch to US to counter the common competitor: China.


Say Bye Bye to HSBC?

Exiting the American market seems to be trendy for international banks. In the latest move, HSBC might exit retail banking business in North America, according to Financial Times.


Mind the Gap

You should mind the gap, not the one while taking the train but the GAP. The fashion retailer’s share price just dropped 20% in one day after reporting a flat quarterly sales.


Behind Microsoft Cloud

How often do you use Microsoft products? The answer is probably daily for all of you. Now, AvePoint, the Company who migrate, manage and protect data on Microsoft Cloud, is coming to public.


It’s Janet Yellen

Yellen, the former Federal Reserve Chairwoman, is expected to be Biden’s nominee to become the next Treasury secretary.

Top Story

Biden In Transit

As you may have known, Trump finally agreed to cooperate in the transition, after the General Services Administration acknowledged Joe Biden as the apparent winner. Now the transition moves quickly as Trump agreed to share resources, ending a 16-day stalemate.


No End In Sight

Trump is probably making one of his final moves before the end of his presidency. His administration is close to banning tech exports to 89 Chinese firms.



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