Who is our “person of the year?

Hint: He has gone to space, and he likes electric cars. If you guessed Elon Musk 🙋, correct! Time magazine named the Ttechnoking 2021’s “person of the year”.

Congrats… but why?

Well, Elon Musk made a lot of big changes this year, not only affecting life on Earth but even affecting life “outside” 🌌 of Earth too. 

  • Tesla’s market value soared this year, allowing it to join the USD 1 tln club – Musk also became the world’s richest man by a very large margin.
  • Making space history 🚀 SpaceX also made history this year, sending 4 civilians into orbit for the first all-tourist spaceflight (We previously covered this story). 

Did Musk celebrate? Well, he didn’t tweet anything, but Musk did sell another  ~USD 900 mln of Tesla stock, carrying on his plan of selling a 10% chunk of his holdings after a Twitter poll

+ Who else was nominated? 🧐 Scientists behind the Covid vaccine were the “heroes of the year” for 2021, and the singer Olivia Rodrigo was “Entertainer of the year”.

🐿️: For the award “Squirry of the year”… I think I would have a good chance.

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