We’ll repair our iPhones at home

Instead of taking our iPhones to the repair shop, we will soon be able to repair them ourselves – as Apple will launch its self-repair program starting from 2022 📱

Self-repair? What’s new here? 

Previously, if our iPhone had a problem, we had to bring it to an Apple store/authorized repairer (and pay very expensive fees). Apple has long prevented unauthorized repair due to device safety.

DIY time… if you dare Now, with its new “Self Service Repair” program, we can simply order the components and screwdrivers from Apple online store and fix the problem ourselves following the manual – just like Lego (but much harder tho) 

  • After repair, we can even mail back the broken components to Apple and get some credits for our next shopping!

Why did Apple change its mind?


Growing regulatory pressure. Regulators are now increasingly calling for “Right-to-Repair” – the right of letting customers fix themselves. Given the current antitrust pressure, no surprise to see this ✅

  • In July, the US antitrust regulator also pledged to address the problem. Up to now, at least 27 states have considered adding bills that let customers fix their own products. 

No, this is not enough 🙅 Under this program, we still have to buy parts from Apple instead of using non-Apple parts. Many worried that Apple’s official parts might be pricey (as usual).

  • Good for the environment 🌳 In the UK, 30% of locals threw away electronics as they can’t repair themselves and can’t afford professional repair – this might solve that waste problem.

🐿️: I’ll probably go to the Apple store directly… Don’t want to break it even more while I’m trying to fix it. 

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