An EV charger in my house?

The UK is accelerating the EV revolution: it just announced that all new homes and buildings must install EV charging points starting from 2022.

That’s good! But why is it a must?

This is a part of the UK’s plan to go greener. The British government plans to ban the sale of fossil fuel cars by 2030 completely… and they would need more charging points to solve the “range anxiety”.

  • We don’t have enough Statistics found that more than 5% of public chargers and 10% of superchargers are unusable.

Even Bojo himself 🤣 The prime minister Boris Johnson recalled his experience of test-driving Tesla and running out of battery: “it expired in the fast lane of the M40 ”. (M40: a UK expressway)

The new rule is expected to bring over 145,000 stations every year. That’s a lot of chargers!

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