We’re having fewer children?

There appears to be a phenomenon in major economies – more people don’t expect to have children 👪

Really? How come?

In the US 🇺🇸, a recent poll shows a growing number of adults who aren’t yet parents say they probably won’t have kids – citing not wanting kids, financial instability, or not having a partner as the reasons.

  • Others were afraid they couldn’t support their kids 💰, or were concerned environmental factors like climate change might affect them. 
  • Covid hasn’t helped 😷 In the US, the number of babies born in 2020 fell 4%, the largest drop in nearly 50 years.

What about other countries? 

It’s not just the US, as China’s 🇨🇳 birth rate in 2020 hit the lowest in 43 years, as there was a fall in women who were of childbearing age + impact of Covid.

    • Singapore 🇸🇬 Singaporeans are having fewer children compared to ten years ago, as some are worried about the cost + stress of having kids.
  • The UK 🇬🇧 Birthrates have hit record lows –  some believe having children is no longer “essential” to their lives.

We’ll try to make it easier 👍 The US is trying to ease the financial burden, as the House just passed a massive spending bill, part of which goes to helping families. (Read more about this above!)

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