Let’s work together against climate change

A surprising step in the fight against climate change was made Wednesday, as China and the US pledged to work together 🤝. This is a rare moment of cooperation given that both countries have been in geopolitical rivalry. 

That’s great news! What did they agree to?

At the COP26 climate conference, officials from both the US and China said they would cut down on methane emissions, and eventually phase out the use of coal.

  • We’ll cut down on methane 🏭 China stated it would develop a plan to “significantly” reduce and control methane in the 2020s – significant, as China had previously signaled it would not join a pledge to reduce methane emissions.
  • They also agreed to boost their efforts to tackle illegal deforestation. 

A meeting finally: 💬 After this agreement, US President Biden and Chinese President Xi will hold a virtual summit next week. Exact date TBA. 

Looking ahead:  A previous US-China climate deal helped pave the way for the Paris Agreement in 2015 – what will this one lead to?

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