We need to go greener

Do you feel cooler as winter approaches (for the northern hemisphere)? 🍂 But the earth said no. 🥵 Right before the Glasgow climate summit, the UN warned that unless more action is taken, the world is headed for “catastrophic” levels of global warming.

Oh dear, how bad will it go?

Well, the UN said that if countries don’t set stronger emissions-reduction goals, the world could warm 2.7°C by 2100. This is much worse than the goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 – 2°C.

  • Why is 2.7°C bad? 🤔 The UN said that at 2.7°C, extreme events like heatwaves and droughts could happen more than twice as often.
  • We’re already at 1.1°C ⚠️ The world has heated up around 1.1°C since the 19th century when we began using fossil fuels, and there have already been negative effects – see extreme weather like wildfires and floods globally this year? 

Target missed ⏳ Wealthy countries pledged in 2009 to deliver USD 100 bln for climate finance by 2020. But they had probably missed their promises. 

🐿️: Many countries will meet next week for the Glasgow climate talk (called COP26). Hopefully, they can figure out a better way to respond to climate change!

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