Get vaccinated, or get fired

This is probably the strictest vaccine mandate in the US since the outbreak of the pandemic – get vaccinated, or get fired. 😳

Woah, that sounds a bit harsh…any details?

This applies to you if you work as a federal employee or contractor. Biden’s new mandate requires them to be vaccinated within 75 days, or they will be fired (unless they fall into very limited exemption categories).

  • Stricter than before: Biden previously required that federal employees be vaccinated or get tested. But now the latter option is gone.

What if I work in the private sector?

You will have one more option compared to above: get vaccinated or get tested 💉 Private companies with over 100 or more employees are required to get vaccinated or have weekly Covid tests. This will impact two-thirds of all US employees. 

  • This rule is expected to be issued in the next few weeks, and if employers don’t follow the mandate, they could be fined up to USD 14,000. (That’s a lot! 💰)


There are a few more measures: e.g. increased fines for travelers who fail to wear masks, calling for large sports venues like sports arenas to require vaccination, etc.

Is the mandate supported? Some state officials said yes as it’s protecting the health of people, but some Republican governors and leaders announced plans to sue the Biden administration for “unconstitutional” overreach. ⛔

Zoom out: how’s the rest of the world doing?

  • Singapore: Let’s meet later 🤔 Singapore is dealing with a sharp increase in Covid cases (550 new local cases as of Sep 11). The government advised the public to limit meeting friends and family for the next few weeks.
  • A new cluster in China (mainland): Fujian province has reported 6 Covid cases, and the government has sent a special team and closed public facilities in the area.
  • Zero local cases in Hong Kong 🎉 It reported no new local cases on Sept. 11, maintaining a stretch of zero community infections since Aug. 17. 

No matter where you are, stay safe in the new normal! 

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