I want yoga pants

Yoga pants 🧘 appears to be a good option for many of us when staying at home. And this habit may go beyond that… as told by the popular yoga wear brand Lululemon.

I like Yoga pants! But how to go beyond?

Lululemon just reported surprising quarterly numbers – sales went up 63% in America and 49% internationally. With this pace, it expects to surpass its long-term revenue target two years ahead of schedule.

  • Why? Many people chose to wear comfortable yoga pants while working from home. They now extend that habit when going back to the office, abandoning the traditional business wear… call this style “athleisure”.
  • Rising Covid cases caused by the delta variant has also extended work-from-home situations across the world, giving Lululemon more room to grow.

It’s not all smooth sailing ⛰️ Lululemon is also facing supply chain issues, where Covid lockdowns have heavily affected manufacturing, especially in Vietnam.

Investors are pretty happy with this news, sending Lululemon shares up 13% in after-market trading 📈 I wonder if they’re wearing Lululemon while buying its shares…?

🐿️: Once I’m in casual wear while working, I can never go back! Are you the same?

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