How does the new iPhone look?

The date is official now! Apple is set to launch several new products – including the new iPhone – with its flagship annual event on Sep. 14 (Tuesday).

Awesome, what’s new this time?

In the first place, it got a new tagline: California Streaming. (Yea thanks… that’s such a creative name 🙃) Despite that, the following products are expected to come.

  • iPhone 13: As we all can expect, the new iPhone will have a better camera, a faster processor, and greater battery life. The only special thing is – the notch (aka. the black bar at the top) will be smaller.
  • Apple Watch is rumored to turn flat-edged to match other designs.
  • Other products like AirPods and iPad may also be upgraded regularly. Yet they may not come in this event as Apple has other plans later in the year.

🐿️: The event will be held online on Apple’s website at 1 am in my time zone. I might just sleep and catch the highlights in the morning 😴

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