Have you bought stationery for your new semester?

It’s fall season 🍂 (for the northern hemisphere tho). For many students across the world, that means the start of a new semester and you can meet your friends in person! This is also good news for retail stocks as you will buy more stuff for your new semester. 🛒

Retailers are quite happy 😄

…as you will possibly buy stationeries, new bags, new clothes, or a new laptop for your new semester! 💻 So US retailers are anticipating a pretty big jump in sales this month, as most schools across the country are returning to in-class instruction.

  • Any investment opportunity? 📈 Retail shares have been lagging behind the overall market, but as students return to school + the holiday season is approaching + US stimulus checks also give extra money, it could provide some needed momentum for retailers. 
  • Retailers include: Amazon (stock code: AMZN), Walmart (stock code: WMT)…

But students may encounter a problem when going back: their school bus probably can’t run as drivers are not enough! 

No bus drivers? How come?

Schools across America are faced with a shortage of school bus drivers, 🚌 and the situation is getting “severe” or even “desperate”. Why so suddenly? 

#1 It’s dangerous 😟 Many resigned because they’re afraid of being exposed to unvaccinated children*

*P.S. Remember Pfizer’s vaccine is fully approved for the prevention of Covid-19 in people 16 and older? The use in 12-to-15 year-olds is currently on the emergency authorization. 

#2 Not yet vaccinated 💉 Schools made vaccines mandatory, but some drivers still don’t want to get vaccinated. In one US school district, 10% of bus drivers resigned after the requirement announcement. 

#3 Can earn more elsewhere 🤑 Firms like Amazon and Uber are using even higher pay to attract drivers, as there’s a country-wide driver shortage due to pandemic fears, care of children, and early retirement. Read more on labor shortage…from cooks, truck drivers and many more.

🐿️: Are you having face-to-face classes this year? Or still remote teaching? 

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