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Younger gamers in China will be extremely upset 😣 as the government just published harsh video game rules – under-18s can only play up to 3 hours per week.

Three hours only?! So strict…

Yep… and that’s it. For players under 18 there: ① No games on Monday to Thursday ② One hour gaming time on Friday, Weekends + public holidays ③ They can only play games between 8 – 9 pm.

  • Want to play secretly? All online games in China are required to connect to a new “anti-addiction” system administered by the government. Gamers must register to this system using real names and IDs… or they won’t be allowed to enter into the game.

The game rules will impact tens of mlns young gamers – as the government wish to tackle the rising game-addiction of minors.

Wait! I got a question 🙋

We received tons of questions from Squirry’s friends after the new rules. Here are the most frequently asked ones.

#1 Why is the government suddenly so harsh?

🐿️ Squirry: Not suddenly… This is only one little step following the previous education crackdown, tech antitrust, and platform overhaul. The government has criticized the local game industry before – calling it an “electronic drug”.

#2 What if they use their parents’ phone?

🐿️ Squirry: Game developers certainly have solutions to this. China’s Tencent – also the largest video game company globally – has adopted a facial recognition system to make sure the player matches with the information they register with.

#3 How about offline games? It seems that they’re not covered here

🐿️ Squirry: Freshly came out yesterday’s night – Tencent announced that they will temporarily disable the offline mode of one of their games. Maybe other developers will soon follow.

#4 How about game companies? This sounds bad for them…

🐿️ Squirry: Absolutely. Share prices of all the Chinese game companies dropped, with Netease once dropping 6% and Tencent falling nearly 2% after the announcement. Their share prices have already plummeted a lot before.

  • Yet some analysts said this might not have significant impacts, as only a small portion of their game revenues come from minors.
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