The 20-year war ended

The last US troops flew out of Afghanistan on Monday, marking the formal end of the longest war in US history. 

What is this war about?

It’s a long story, but no worries – Squirrypedia is here 😉

  • Name: War in Afghanistan
  • Duration: 2001 – 2021, 20 years.
  • Who: US and its allies (incl UK, Canada, AU, Germany etc.) 🆚 Taliban (an Islamic military organization)
  • Result: Taliban lost power after the US’s invasion in 2001, but regained power in 2021 August after US forces started to pull off this April = it ends where it started. 

9/11 attacks are the reasons why the US started this war. Do you know Bin Laden – the terrorist behind 9/11? At that time, the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan helped to hide and refused to hand over him to the US government, so the US retaliated. 😡

But why did the US decide to leave? 

…as it turns out to be a very costly and lengthy war. The US spent about USD 1 tln on this (that’s 3x of Singapore’s GDP 😲), and around 2,400 American soldiers died. But its effect is limited – Taliban even gradually recovered and infiltrated the country after losing power.

As more Americans support a withdrawal, Trump struck a deal with the Taliban in Feb 2020 and agreed to reduce the US forces. Biden then decided to pull all US forces out of Afghanistan this April. In return, the Taliban would ensure Afghanistan won’t be a heaven for terrorism.

Read more on how the Taliban quickly regained power after the US army left. 

What’s going to happen after the war?

The Taliban is reported to form a new government on Sep 3. As it starts to rule the country again, people are worried that the Afghanistan would go back to the “stone age”:

🐿️ Squirry: Can you imagine if you are not allowed to attend school or work, and you can’t leave the house without a (male) family member?

  • Women and girls in Afghanistan experience exactly the same thing during the Taliban’s last governance in the 1990s. 😰
  • In the past 20 years, women and girls there have enjoyed a measure of freedom. But will everything go back now?

Though the Taliban vowed to respect women’s rights, some ladies have said they were told not to return to their jobs and male relatives will replace them…

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