A new government is coming?

We live in an era when we are witnessing a historic event. Taliban have taken control of all the major cities in Afghanistan and entered the capital Kabul on Sunday, pushing for a peaceful transition of power. 

  • Result: Afghan President Ashraf fled the country, and the power will be transferred to an interim government led by the Taliban.

So there will be a new government?! 😲 Why so suddenly?

🐿️: I’m good at simplifying complicated stories! Let me tell you what happened.

#1 Who’s Taliban?

It’s an Islamic military organization in Afghanistan, which ruled the country starting from 1996. But in 2001, Taliban hid and refused to hand over Osama Bin Laden (= who planned the 9/11 attack). So it lost power in US’s retalitary invasion of Afghanistan (= War of Afghanistan). 

#2 US army left, and Taliban returned

After a 20-year war, Biden decided to pull all US forces out of Afghanistan in April, after the Taliban agreed to prevent Bin Laden’s terrorist organization (aka. al-Qaeda) from operating in areas under their control. 

  • Since then, Taliban advanced quickly and controlled most of the country (see the gif for their expansion speed). 🔥

#3 Let’s leave safely. Quick!

Foreign nations are rushing to bring their diplomats and citizens back. Biden sent more US troops to Afghanistan, not for fighting back, but for safe and “orderly” evacuation. When the Taliban entered the capital, US diplomats were evacuated from the embassy by helicopters. 🚁

What will happen after the Taliban retake power?

Its neighbors are worried 😟 – countries like Pakistan are concerned that violence might spill past the border, affecting its economic recovery. Some also started to worry that Afghan refugees will flow into neighboring countries, including Europe, in the coming months or years.

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