It’s getting hotter here

Do you feel hotter over the years 🥵? The Earth said yes, and UN just released a landmark report on global warming: the scientists for the first time speak with certainty over human’s responsibility for rising temperature, and our planet will warm by 1.5°Celsius in the next 20 years even with deep emission cuts. 

What does 1.5°C mean to us?

1.5 degrees warmer doesn’t sound very scary in our daily life (even when we’re in summer), but it’s indeed a big deal for our planet Earth. 

  • Where are we now? More or less at around 1°C – as the planet has become 1.1C warmer since we started using fossil fuels in the 19th century. 
  • 1.5°C is significantly worse than 1°C – it will be a fundamentally different world with larger extremes and larger climate damages. 

We have started to feel the impacts. From the floods across Europe and China this year, to the drought and large wildfires in the Western US and Canada… 😨 If the number goes to 1.5, there will be more extreme weather events, and disasters like floods and heatwaves will be more frequent and intense. 

Then what can we do to help?

Governments will soon meet in a major global climate summit in Glasgow, UK – less than three months from now. They will have the opportunity to pledge on emission cuts. 

🙋 We individuals can also help! Here are 35 easiest ways listed by Columbia University, some FYI: 

① Eat low on the food chain, i.e. more vegetables, less meat; 

② Buy less stuff and don’t buy fast fashion; 

③ Drive less and avoid air travel if possible (the latter is so easy now!🤣) 

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