Hi, I want to see your photos

Perhaps we are all reluctant to let others see our photo album… Yet, Apple just announced it will scan the album of all iPhone users.

They serious?! Why do they want to see my photos?

To combat against child abuse. Apple said it will use algo to start scanning users’ albums. If the algo finds something, it will be passed to human for further verification… and they’ll call the police 👮 if necessary. 

  • The new function will be part of the new iOS 15 system next month. It will only be adopted in US first but gradually roll out to other countries.

Isn’t Apple known for better privacy protection?… Yes, and that’s why we are all surprised. Remember in 2016 Apple said “NO” to FBI’s request to unlock the iPhones of criminals? (🐿️: Does this mean Apple start to compromise on privacy?)

Many of us may feel concerned, but Apple said: “Don’t worry”. It said its algo offers “significant” privacy benefit over others – it will only scan the phone if that user’s iCloud has child abuse photos. (Yea… that means at least iCloud will be scanned).

Why did others say?

This is something good ✅ Most governments have praised the new update, as it can help them fight against child abuse. Some even called for other Big tech to follow.

That’s a bit worrying 😰 Whatsapp has called the new changes “very concerning”, and it could be abused by governments for surveillance purposes. Others also think it could hurt digital privacy.

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