SOS. We can’t find workers!

Have you ever struggled to find a job? Now it’s the businesses who are desperate to find their help…from cooks, truck drivers and many more. 

Never thought this would happen…how come? 😮

Half of US states have stopped providing unemployment benefits to encourage people to go back to work. But it simply didn’t work – US employers added even fewer positions in July than June. 

Truck drivers urgently needed! 🚚 The shortage of truck drivers in the US become so serious. Employers are even forced to source foreign drivers from South Africa…

South Africa?! That’s so far… but why?

The following 3 can explain.

① Covid fears. 😷 Simply many workers don’t want to return to work, especially after seeing Delta spreading + rising cases… again.

Is it ok for kids 🧒 to stay home alone? Obviously not… and parents have to stay at home to take care of their children.

③ Or… Why not just retire early? Many baby boomers (currently between 57-75 years old) chose not to go back and retire earlier.

+ This is also happening in UK! Factories, shops and warehouses are struggling… as many were “pinged” by the Covid app and told to self-isolate for 10 days. 

Stock market doesn’t like the news. US stocks slumped after the disappointing jobs report. 🔔 Incoming: Investors are now eying on US nonfarm payrolls – a key labor data to be released later today. 

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