Can we still be friends?

The relationship between China and US + UK appears to be souring again 😟. UK is looking to remove China’s state-owned energy company from all future projects in UK, and recent China-US talks made a rocky start.

#1 UK: We’d better to remove China’s firm

UK government is signaling a harder stance toward China – planning to remove China’s state-owned nuclear energy company CGN from all of its future power projects, per FT.

Why suddenly remove it? 

  • We want to avoid over-reliance: 🙅‍♀️ The move comes as Europe increasingly looks to protect its supply chain or key infrastructure from over-reliance on Chinese tech. 
  • Following US? 🤔 Trump put CGN into US’s export blacklist in 2019, and also warned British government against China’s involvement in nuclear power. Removing CGN could attract US infrastructure investors instead. 

But is it okay to just remove it? 

CGN is one of the lead developers in a number of key projects in UK, and it’s the first in the world to operate using EPR technology (an advanced tech used in nuclear reactors). 

  • One nuclear expert did express the concerns over the absence of CGN’s involvement when it comes to EPR. 

#2 US-China: our relationship is in a stalemate

US and China finally met for high-level talks on Monday in China, their first talk since March. However, the conversations have started tense.

  • We’re having a difficult relationship. China said their relationship was “in a stalemate and faces serious difficulties”. 
  • This implies that the talk is “very tough indeed”, and both sides highlighted deep differences over topics like Covid probe, Huawei, trade, cyber activities, etc…

Probably no substantial breakthrough, according to an academic. But we can still hope that their closed-door meeting will make certain progress in stabilizing their ties. If it goes well, this can be the first step toward a meeting between the two presidents. 🤝

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