The infrastructure bill failed its first vote

Around one month ago, a group of Democratic and Republican senators made a deal on the long-debated infrastructure bill* with a tentative USD 579 bln plan. But the package just failed its first test vote on Wednesday. 

**spending on roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

Fail the vote? 😲 Does that mean the bill has no hope now?

Not really. FYI, the Senate requires a vote + more than 60 “yes” 👌 to formally start the debate and process the legislation. The package just failed this vote (with 49 “yes” only) as Republicans think they’re not ready yet when many key details remain unresolved.

  • A key disagreement now still lies in how to fund this huge spending package. Biden wants to fund it by tax hike, but Republicans are reluctant to do so. 

So…can we see the bill having a second chance?

Yes, and a second vote is likely to come very soon. Despite the failure of the first vote, the good news is that discussions will continue, and both sides said they’re close to a final agreement. 

The lead Republican in the infrastructure talks said “we think that’s Monday”. Another 11 Republicans also said they’ll vote “yes” on Monday, enough to reach the 60 threshold! 

We’ll see how it goes next week. 😉

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