News sites were down

Source: PCMag Australia, Morning Wrap

When we opened news websites 14 hours ago, we found something horrible - major news sites were all down...from Bloomberg, FT to NYT. Websites of Reddit and even UK government were also inaccessible. 😱

I also noticed! Another cyberattack?

Arrr...not really. It’s because the services from the content-delivery network Fastly went down.

  • Fastly? What’s that? In short, it’s a big tech firm that helps major websites to distribute content and host users. It placed its cloud infrastructure - sets of servers - in dozens of locations, and users can download from the closest server.
  • That’s why when its service went down, a lot of popular websites were also down. 

Though Fastly fixed the problem in around 1 hour and those popular websites also came back online, will this incident highlight the danger of high reliance? 🤔

+ Funny things happened in this incident

Major news sites were all down, so some managed to find an alternative - Google Docs. The tech site The Verge used Google Docs to publish its news, but it forgot to turn off editing = everyone can be an editor @verge. 

See people’s amusing edits and replies here if you’re also interested. 🤣

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