Apple to go Zoom

Source: Macworld UK

It’s Apple time! The tech giant concluded its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) on Monday, with a series of exciting updates. 🍎

If you’re expecting a new phone/laptop, this may disappoint you as the WWDC primarily focuses on software updates

Here’s a wrap on the new functions

#1 Go Zoom: Facetime will be equipped with Zoom-like functions, including meeting links, screen sharing, better call quality to compete against Zoom in the video software market.

  • No longer Apple-exclusive: In a larger scale, Facetime will be compatible with Android and Windows devices.

#2 Beef up privacy protection: Apple will soon block pixel tracking and hide users’ IP addresses while browsing in Safari. It will also add a VPN-like feature for iCloud subscribers. Privacy is the key 🧐

#3 Seamless collaboration: Mouses and keyboards could be shared between iPad and Mac, and even between two Macs. No switch is needed… and the mouse can move from one to another. 🤩

Wow…when will these come to us? 

The Beta version will be pushed to developers for testing as soon as this month, while the official version will be made to us in the coming fall together with new devices.

  • Investors think? Share price barely moved on Monday, but some Apple bull projects that Apple could turn into a USD 3 tln giant next year.

+ Do you know where is Monterey? It’s a city on California’s central coast. The new Mac system will be named macOS Monterey.

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