A new Windows is coming

Source: The Verge, Morning Wrap

It has been 6 years since the release of the current generation Windows 10 and... Microsoft finally thinks it’s time for an update. Did you guys forget about it? 🧐


Wow… what to expect?

The upcoming version, to be released on Jun. 24, is described as one of the “most significant” overhauls this decade, as per Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Here are some of the updates that could be expected.

  • A new look: Microsoft could redesign the Start menu, Action Center, File Explorer, and Taskbar and make them more modern… possibly rounded corners.
  • New app store: Microsoft may also revamp its Microsoft Store for a better commerce experience. Wait… you have an app store? 🤣

+ When can we use it? That’s another fair question. The new version could be pushed to developers (aka. Windows Insiders) for a test run. A mass release to us could be expected as early as the coming fall.


Just curious, how will Microsoft name the new one? Windows 10X? Or simply… Windows 11?


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