Android’s New Big Competitor

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What if our mobile phone can be connected to everything? That’s the concept of Huawei’s latest mobile system HarmonyOS, launched last night... Android has a new big challenger now 😮

What’s new?

Unlike the mobile-heavy Andriod, Huawei aims to expand its new HarmonyOS to Internet-of-Things: phones, TVs, watches, laundry machines… just to make everything hyper-connected and unified.

How about apps? Not enough apps - that’s always the biggest challenge of launching a new operating system. To solve that, Huawei developed a decoding system that could easily compile Android apps and run on its own system without re-developing.

  • But Google apps are all missing as the blacklist is in force... still hard for international users 🤯 (see explanation at the bottom 👇 if you forgot)

How many people will use that? 🤔

Huawei expects that the new system could run on up to 300 mln devices by the end of 2021, with ⅔ on Huawei-branded phones. Immediately after launching, some of its own models could already be upgraded to the new system.

  • The top drone maker DJI, Swiss watch producers Tissot and Swatch all entered into a partnerships with HarmonyOS.

+ Why Huawei needs its own OS? 

If you can recall this: the US Government blacklisted Huawei citing the reasons “national security” and “military attachment”. All Huawei-branded phones cannot access Google’s services.

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