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Cut, Cut, Cut To Survive

The oil & gas giant – ExxonMobil is one of the worst hit companies from the pandemic, as lockdowns and travel bans dented oil demand.


US Election: Endgame

The US Presidential Election is just around the corner, and markets are bracing for extreme volatility.


Gulf Coast In The Dark; Gold Selling?

U.S. Gulf Coast was hit by another Tropical Storm – Zeta in 2020. This is the fifth hurricane or tropical storm for the U.S. this year; Central banks cashing in: they are selling gold for the first time since 2010, taking advantage of near record-high prices.


Five Days Till D-Day

We’re only 5 days away from election day.. time flies! What will the U.S. policy look like after the election? Which candidate is better for the market?


See ya, My Favorite Restaurants

After enjoying several months of dining out at your favorite restaurants, you may have to say “see you” to them for one month – if you are based in Germany.


Woke Up, And Lost USD 35 Bln

You’d think cloud computing benefited a lot during the pandemic with companies’ migration to the cloud. But it seems not to be the situation for SAP.


Mission Is 38.5% Completed

Autumn comes, 2020 also enters its last quarter. How’s China’s progress of fulfilling its full-year purchase target agreed with the U.S.?


Good News In Europe

As US banks wind down their earnings, European earnings season begins in earnest.


RIP, Lee Kun-hee

The wealthiest and most powerful businessman in South Korea has just left. Lee Kun-hee, the chairman of Samsung Group from 1987 to 2010, has passed away at 78 years old.

Top Story

Tesla: Wow Profits

Why wow? It is the fifth consecutive profitable quarter for Tesla, with record performance across the board.


Start Negotiating For Your Rent

If you are seeking to rent a place, read this story. You may have an advantage when negotiating for your rent.



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