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Knock-Knock, Your Food Order Is Here

…perhaps this is the most familiar sound for most of us during the pandemic as we all rely on food delivery services without going out – at least for me.


World’s Largest Trade Deal

Watch out US, China might be getting more ammunition in the long-standing trade war, as a free-trade agreement amongst Asia Pacific nations is about to be signed over the weekend


Gaming And E-commerce, What’s In Common?

Two largest beneficiaries of 2020: gaming and e-commerce, what’s in common? Answer: they are both the daily necessities of couch potatoes – like a lot of us in the pandemic.


A Bright Spot

As you can expect, 2020 has been a nightmare for airlines as the pandemic upended travelling. While global airlines continue to post dire results, there’s still one place aircraft manufacturers can count on – China.


Spotify: Riding The Podcast Wave

Is your daily commute a drag? Or is your treadmill run a little boring? Many who feel this way are catching a new trend – podcasting. Spotify is also riding the wave, with an acquisition of Megaphone to expand its podcast ad business.


Double 11: Records Are Meant To Be Broken

Alibaba’s Double 11 is breaking the record again (and again). Within just 30 minutes, it sold RMB 372.3 bln worth of goods, 48% higher than what it did for the whole day in 2019.


Thank You, Burger Lovers

Thanks to all you burger lovers, McDonald’s had a good quarter. More to come, the fast food chain is already preparing for the next big thing: a brand new plant-based burger.


Supreme = USD 2.1 bln

With the latest acquisition by VF Corp., the streetwear brand Supreme is now under the same roof with Timberland.


A Really Really Bad Year

Ray Dalio seems not to be able to break the 18.6% loss. Up till last Thursday, his flagship fund – Pure Alpha II remained the same as where it was in August, seeing no improvement after model tweaks.


Nasdaq Whale Didn’t Do Well

The “Nasdaq Whale” bet did not perform quite well in the past quarter, though Softbank’s chief Masayoshi Son thinks it is “not even a dolphin”.


Finally. It’s Biden!

We finally got a result after days of waiting: Joe Biden declared victory on Saturday according to major networks, though Trump refused to concede.



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