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It’s Time To Go Local

The world’s largest yoghurt company Danone has just said to restructure its business and “go local”, but why and what does it mean?


Nasdaq Is No Longer A Stock Exchange

Relax, Nasdaq will still be there and won’t be shut down. It is one step closer to transform from a pure stock exchange to a fintech and data firm.


Your Beautiful Eyeshadow Is Now In New York

Are you a fan of Perfect Diary’s eyeshadow palettes? Seems like investors are also quite a fan – as its parent company Yatsen Holding has just made a blockbuster debut in New York.


Can You Make This Stuff Up?

Are you willing to buy something that might be fake? Muddy Waters just asked the question to Baidu regarding its acquisition target Joyy, but in the format of a 71-page short selling report.

food delivery

London’s Next Big Chase

The eating kangaroo is on the way to be convinced by London to go public in their home markets.


Amazon Takes Pharmacy Online

When your next Amazon parcel arrives, perhaps you will have a chance to find it filled with…prescription drugs?


Opps, I Got Up So Late

After having a Snickers chocolate, one of the first things that comes into my mind is always “I’m gonna eat less chocolate to keep fit”.


Jump On The Plant-Based Bandwagon

Are you a fan of plant-based diets? If so, you should get excited from this story: Ben & Jerry’s ice cream maker is going further vegan, and plant-based pork is newly launched by Beyond Meat in China.


A Diamond In The Pandemic

You know that the travel industry has been heavily hit by the pandemic. But Airbnb is like a diamond in the travel industry. As Airbnb readies for its stock market debut in December, it woos investors by announcing a profitable quarter.


How To Invest Now?

It could be beneficial if we can know what Warren Buffett and Ray Dalio own in their portfolio, and thankfully we have it here.


Citron’s Warning: NIO Could Be Halved

Someone thinks NIO’s stock price is too high. Citron, a widely known short-seller, released a report suggesting a strong sell for NIO, Tesla’s Chinese competitor.


Retreating From America

European banks are one step further to retreat from the US market, with Spain’s BBVA just agreed to sell its American operation to PNC for USD 11.6 bln in cash.



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